7M Quay – Items Scattered behind your Bays


SUBJECT: 7M Quay – Items Scattered behind your Bays

Please note that the companies those have hired bays at -7 M Quay are responsible for their bays, the passage between the bays and the wire fence should be kept clean and empty of goods since this passage is essentially for emergency.

It has been noticed that many items were found scattered between the wire fence and the bay's perimeter and concerned companies declared that the items not belong to them.

Appreciate if you could advice your staff to check your bays accordingly and remove unwanted items.
Port of Fujairah cannot accept responsibility for any scattered items between the aforesaid passage from June 21, 005 and if found, the items will be removed by Port of Fujairah and the cleaning cost will impose on concerned company.

Secondly, I take this opportunity to remind you that, according to our hiring regulations for the bays at the 7M quay, goods stored in bays are for short period and cannot be stored permanently.


Capt. Hesham H. Fawzy