Ref. No. MD/PS/05/11

Please find below the new procedures which will be adopted at the above mentioned gates from Tuesday 12 th April 2005.
We appreciate your cooperation on implementing the following:

1. The old gate will be closed and be only used for emergency
2. 2 new gates situated at the midway of east-west fence of 7M cargo bays.
3. The personnel gate is for pedestrian and for the following categories:
  a. Persons visiting offshore. (must park their cars outside the gate.)
  b. Agents who need to contact their supply boats or their boat's crew.(must park their vehicles outside the gate).
4. The Cargo gate will be only for trucks or long vehicles for cargo transfer and will be controlled by Operations Department. Circular has been already distributed to all related parties by our Operations Manager on their procedures. (copy attached).
5. Agents who are intending for crew change or deliver mail will be permitted to enter with vehicles trough the cargo gate for a short period only to drop or pick up the crew under the supervision of the security staff. (driver must be sure that the supply boat is already secured inside the harbour).

I take this occasion to remind you with Harbour Master circular: Notice to Mariner No.80/2004 – dated June16,2004 – item 9.2, 9.5, 9.6, 10.1, 10.2, 10.4 and 10.7 in particular

A suitable car parking area has been defined outside these new gates.

Vehicles are strictly prohibited to park inside 7M Quay area (Senior Port Staff for their routine patrolling, Cargo transfer vehicles and Tug's crew who have a defined parking area are exempted).

A diagram showing the organization of this area is attached with this letter.

Please advise all your personnel accordingly, as action will be taken against violators.

Your cooperation on above would be much appreciated.

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