Marine Services


Fujairah Anchorage is a globally recognized for it's facilities.

Accommodating up to 100 vessels at any time that offers an efficient and varied "One Stop Shop" service for calling vessels. Services include Bunkering, Ship supplies, Ship Repair, Spare Repair, Spare parts and Inspection. In addition to that the Crew changes to and from the Anchorage, which average reached to 2,500 personnel monthly.

 A fleet of 80 independently owned and professionally operated Supply vessels based in the Port of Fujairah Anchorage.

 Fujairah Anchorage has an envied reputation for it's safety and security. It is professionally controlled and managed by The Port of Fujairah Authority Marine Department and is regularly patrolled and policed.

 Fujairah is known, along with Singapore and Rotterdam as one of the top Bunkering locations in the World.

Particular Advantages

  • Strategic Position outside the Straits of Hormuz.
  • Safe Calm Waters.
  • Internationally recognised.
  • Excellent reputation for Safety and Security.
  • High level of control and policing.
  • Varied and Efficient Supply and Service arrangements.