Common User Facility – Stock Pile Area


Rules and Procedures Covering Common User Facility
  1. 1) Definition of the Common User Facility

The common user facility is intended as a facility for exporters of aggregate who do not have access to a permanent   stockpile facility and whose shipment may be irregular.

  1.  2) Permission and Advice

Permission for obtaining access and agreeing timing for stockpile in the common user facility must be obtained from the Bulk Division of the Operation Department and will be given on the basis of:

a) A named and stemmed loading vessel with a firm ETA.
b) An agreed stockpile time-table dependant on the quantities of the cargo and ETA of the vessel.

 It follows that the common user facility would have a quick turnover and in no event is designed for long-term storage of cargo

c) The port reserve the right at any time and at Management discretion to give you one (1) month notice to vacate the area.

  1. 3)Common user Stockpile charges

a) Shipments moving from the common user stockpile will be charged storage on the basis of the following formula:
Storage area allocated by the operation department

  • X Number of days occupied (minimum one month charges)
  • X 12 AED (annual rental per meter square of permanent Stockpiles)
  • Divided by 365

b) However in the event that the stemmed vessel does not materialize,
The port reserves the right to introduce increased storage charges for the storage beyond the date of the stemmed vessel.

The port would exercise restraint in the application of this charge up to one week from the date of the originally stemmed vessel, but in the event that the vessel does not materialize within this one week time-frame, further storage charges will be levied on a monthly basis at a rate of 12 AED per meter square per month until shipment is effected.

The formula applied would therefore be:
Storage area allocated by operation department

  • X Number of days occupied
  • X 12dhms
  • Divided by 30
  1. 4)Exceptions

Subject to Operations Department approval shipments may be accepted on the Common User stockpile from operators of permanent Stockpiles provided it can be demonstrated that there is a clear need to do so. This need may be based on the demands for shipments from their permanent stockpiles or the type of cargo involved. When and if such approval is given all the conditions noted above will apply.