Tidal Information


Port Of Fujairah 25° 10.2'N, 56° 21.6'E
Port Of Dibba 25° 36.4'N, 50° 17.5'E


Compendium from own records 1982-2000


Time Zone:GMT +4
All levels in Meter above Fujairah Harbour Datum


Water Level Abbreviations Water Level Meter
Extreme High Water EHW 3.14 m
Highest Astronomical Tide HAT 2.8 m
Mean Higher High Water MHHW 2.6 m
Mean Lower High Water MLHW 2.3 m
Mean Sea Level MSL 1.7 m
Mean Higher Lower Water MHLW 1.4 m
Mean Lower Low Water MLLW 0.2 m
Lowest Astronomical Tide LAT -0.1 m