Medical Services

FUJAIRAH PORT MEDICAL CENTRE (Earlier known as Fujairah Port Clinic)

24 HR Comprehensive Medical Services Available inside Port of Fujairah, ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Services Offered:

  • Emergency Patient Attendance In-port and Offshore
  • Outpatient GP Clinic
  • Specialist Internist Clinic
  • Dental Clinic
  • Medical laboratory
  • Radiology (X-ray and Ultrasound)
  • Drug and Alcohol testing Services (Breath analysis with Blood and Urine sampling)
  • Vaccinations (Yellow fever, Cholera, Other marine required vaccinations etc.,)
  • Medical Fitness Certifications for Workers & Seafarers
  • 24hr Ambulance services
  • For ships at  Fujairah Port and Anchorage: Free Radio or email Medical Advice
  • Attendance to Dead at Sea.(complete local clearances from Hospital to Airport)
  • Medicines Supply, Medical Chest Inspection and Certification; Expired Medicines Collection  and Disposal  via  Marine Pharma FZE.( located inside  port premises)
  • Pharmacy Services via  Fujairah Port Pharmacy (located inside port premises)
  • For Inpatient management- have our own 100 bed state of art  AlSharq Hospital for more details refer to:

(All communication via  Fujairah Port Medical Centre, 24 hour hotline Tel: +97192228007,  Fax:+97192228008,, VHF  CH: 16)

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Fujairah Port Medical Centre

+9719 2228007

+9719 2228008

Dr.Rawhi Al Faleh Clinic

(Only for the medical sample collections

concerned with Drug & Alcohol Tests)

+9719 2239632