Overtime Request


Whereas POF do not undertake to provide full 24 hour continuous operations,


The Port of Fujairah is the largest Multi Purpose Port on the Eastern Seaboard of the UAE.


A Individual request – in writing – to work during the dinner break (12:00-13:00 and 23:59-01:00) can generally be accommodated on an overtime basis -
In order to comply with this undertaking from Agent to give 30 minutes notice – it may be necessary for POF staff to take verbal instruction/request (note taken of identity of requester by POF staff)
B Where a job is within 15 minutes of completion at 12:00 or 23:59, job should be completed (this should subsequently be followed up by written request after the event)
C Regardless of requirement/request to work though a break period, loads will never be left suspended from mobile crane or on the tines of a forklift in a raised position.