In line with the strong throughput development of the Port of Fujairah over the last decade, the number of commercial vessels calling at the Port and the Anchorage have significantly increased. To facilitate further growth, the Port of Fujairah has developed a new Service Harbour dedicated to service vessels and tugboats.

The Service Harbour provides a sheltered ‘one stop’ facility for maritime supply operation. It is located south of the existing Port of Fujairah, protected by a breakwater, and has the capacity to accommodate 120 different sizes of service vessels and tugboats.



  • Provision of covered cargo storage bays
  • Loading of stores, spare parts etc. for supply at FOAA
  • Dropping off and picking up of crews
  • Labour and loading equipment to transfer cargo from/to land and supply boat
  • Dhow inspection and service
  • Supply of electricity and fresh water
  • Sewage service
  • ADNOC fuel station


  • Westside quay wall (500 m) is used for loading, unloading and mooring of vessels. The area is equipped with various types of mobile equipment and lifting gears to load and discharge cargo from utility boats effectively and safely. Covered storage bays are provided for temporary storage.
  • Southside quay wall (250 m) is used for loading, unloading and mooring of vessels.
  • Pier A (480 m) and Pier B (412 m) provide berthing places for supply and utility vessels.  A fuel pontoon is installed on the northern end of the pier. 
  • Floating pontoon (200 m) provides further berthing facilities for dhows.
  • Tug berth quay wall (300 m) positioned at the southern breakwater facilitates the berthing of Port-owned tugs.
  • Dhow inspection jetty and pontoon is located at the end of the southern breakwater adjacent to the Harbour entrance. The jetty and pontoon are used for the inspection and servicing of small- to medium-sized and medium- to large-sized dhows, respectively.
  • Buildings include marine crew accommodation and a Coast Guard building located near the dhow inspection jetty and pontoon at the end of the southern breakwater. A loading area is provided with sheds for on-shore storage. The Operations building is located at the loading facilities, for the regulation of loading operations.

The Harbour basin has been designed to provide a sufficiently large space for a 280-m turning circle, with consideration to the planned ship repair facility on the north side of the basin. The Harbour basin is dredged to -7.0 m FHD. 


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