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You will need to get your Security Clearance processed thru the company you intend to visit. If security clearance is approved, the company will make a Gate Pass request to Port. You need to visit the Gatepass office to collect your Gate pass from there.

Follow the below two steps to check your Security Approval.

Step 1: Goto www.fujairahport.ae and click the top menu E-Services -> Security Status Enquiry

Step 2 : Enter your passport number and click Check.

1-Passport and visa copy

2-Emirates Id copy (both sides)

3-Visitor Photo

4-Fill the security form through clicking on the Link

Port’s pass validity is connection with validity of the passport , the visa and the security clearance, and the eligibility is determined by the Port Administration as per the nature and reason of entry:

  • Daily/ weekly.
  • 1 month, 2 months, 3 months.
  • 6 months, 1 year.

To register for online services, company should be a customer of Port of Fujairah. They have to come to IT-Dept (Phone Number : 09-2070315 / 09-2070316) of Port Of Fujairah and provide

(i)Name of the User Administrator

(ii)Authorization letter from their company to IT Manager.

IT Department will create the necessary Username, Password, Web Registration code for the Administrator. These details will be intimated to the customer and a short training will be provided on how to use the system.

To create users for your company, first login into E-Services as Administration user. Then go to menu ‘User Administration’ and click ‘New User’. While creating new user the default role selected will be ‘Normal User’. If you select ‘Admin role’, you grant access to all the functionalities available in the application. If the user role selected is ‘Normal User’, then provide accesses only to the required functionalities.

  • Permanent pass is issued to staff of companies that have business interest in the Port.
  • All other visitors can use daily pass based on request from the company intending to visit.
  • Firstly, getting a security approval is an important step to obtain any kind of gate passes.
  • After getting a security approval, company inside the Port should send a formal request to the Port Administration Manger to issue an annual pass for employees have a visa issued by the company under its sponsorship from Fujairah.

To apply for replacement of permanent pass you need to submit a police report.

    Yes, you have to cancel the pass and security clearance and obtain new security clearance under new sponsor.

    For POF contractors, please contact with our project department to guide them to have a necessary passes.