Port Of Fujairah has launched several E-Services for its customers through its Portal.
To start with, we are providing the following services:

To avail these services customers have to register with IT-Dept (Phone Number : 09-2070318 / 09-2070316) of Port Of Fujairah and provide the name of the User Administrator. For Registration, Customers have to provide the authorization letter from there company to the IT Manager of Port of Fujairah. IT Department will create the necessary Username, Password, Web Registration code for the Administrator and intimate them to the customers. The User Administrator of each company can set up other users in his company by using the User Administration service.


Users first access the Port Of Fujairah portal by typing www.fujairahport.ae on their web browser. On the Home page the e-services are listed. Clicking on any of them will take user to the specified services. Users have to login to the service by entering their Username, Password and Web Registration code. If the user is not authorized to use the service then access will be denied.