Marine Services

The Port of Fujairah offers a distinct combination of services for all types of ships calling the port. The most prominent of these services is the towage and pilotage through a highly capable fleet of marine harbour craft. The fleet is fitted with modern firefighting equipment and an anti-oil pollution Dispersant Spray Arms System. Pollution patrolling units are also able to respond promptly in any emergency situation.

Under the management of the Marine Department an internationally recognized framework of marine services and environmental affairs is provided. Ensuring port safety, facility integrity and environmental protection at the highest level, all through highly qualified and trained staff of pilots, engineers and technicians.


The Marine Department also provides marine services for ships calling, such as the SPMs of VHFL, ADNOC and FAPCO.

VHFL SPM – has submerged oil pipe lines running from the Vopak terminal onshore facility to the CALM-SPM system located offshore at water depths of 22 m, and can accommodate a tanker of maximum deadweight 175,000 metric tons.

SPMs of ADNOC Onshore Fujairah Terminal – are located offshore of Fujairah, some 4 nautical miles from the nearest shoreline at various depths, and connected to the onshore facilities at Fujairah via three 48” sea lines.

FAPCO SPM – is located approximately 3 km offshore in 40 m water depth.  This SPM is used solely to discharge and supply back-up fuel for the F2 power plant.


Al Kaser Bay terminal is located south of Fujairah Harbour. The terminal is designed to cater barges for the carriage of aggregate cargo. Facilities include two berths, Al Kaser Terminal-1 and Al Kaser Terminal-2, which can accommodate vessels of maximum length over all (LOA) of 115 m and 120 m, respectively. The maximum water depths alongside the jetties are 7 m for Al Kaser Terminal-1 and 10 m for Al Kaser Terminal-2.


Port of Fujairah provides facilities for the repair of smaller boats (max. LOA 40 m and max. weight 200 tons) on its designated dry berth area. Facilities are available to lift boats out of the water, place them down on the repair area. All boats should be insured for lifting, lowering and moving to the repair area.